jay bernard


jay bernard

Jay Bernard is from London and works as a writer and film programmer at BFI Flare (London's LGBT film festival). They are the author of three pamphlets, The Red and Yellow Nothing (2016), English Breakfast (2013), and Your Sign is Cuckoo, Girl (2008), and have been featured in numerous anthologies and magazines, including TEN: The New Wave, Voice Recognition, Out of Bounds: Black British Writers and Place and Flicker and Spark: A Contemporary Queer Anthology.

Jay recently worked on Rewind Fast Forward, an HLF funded digital film archive project around the work of Sandi Hughes, and has previously worked with Wotever DIY Film Festival. They co-programmed the first queer tech symposium at BFI Flare in 2016, entitled Year Dot: Queer film and technology since 1986.

Other projects include The Sound and the State (an ongoing poem/film/lecture premiered at the 2016 Document Human Rights Film Festival),100, a three-site poetry installation commissioned by Art on the which focused on the New Cross Fire and what it meant for the West Indian migrants and activists involved.

Jay prefers gender neutral "they/them" pronouns.