Malik Nashad Sharpe (Marikiscrycrycry)

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Malik Nashad Sharpe

Malik Nashad Sharpe is an experimental choreographer originally from New York City,  now based in London. His work exists and operates at the nexus of Blackness and Queerness, and colludes desire, violence, melancholia, joyousness and the advent of allostatic load in order to find ulterior futurities and to manifest other possibilities for his body. He currently makes work under the alias Marikiscrycrycry--three cries like three cheers for the melancholic, conflictual, gay af black boy. He has performed his work widely in New York City, and London, as well as internationally, including at Secret Project Robot Art Experimental (USA), Panoply Performance Lab (USA), Otion Front Studio (USA), CLOUD at Danslab (USA), Rich Mix (UK), Theatre Utopia (UK), Hackney Showroom (UK), AKC Medika (HR), Bushwick Open Studios (USA), 62' CTD (USA), Brooklyn Arts Exchange (USA), Five Myles Gallery (USA), Toynbee Hall/ArtsAdmin (UK), ShuaSpace (USA), Krannert Center for Performing Arts (USA), Bonnie Bird Theatre (UK), amongst others. He also performs for other artists and has worked with Project O (UK), Dalston Ballet (UK), Shua Group (USA), Cynthia Oliver (USA), Randy Reyes (USA), Night Star Dance Company (IE), Hana van der Kolk (NL/USA), and others.

In 2016, he formed choreographic duo EEMA with Montreal-based Ellen Furey. Their first duet "NO NATIONALISM" is being supported by Vermont Performance Lab (USA), Studio 303 (CA), and Hackney Showroom (UK), and will premiere at Montreal's Theatre La Chapelle in 2018.

Malik is an Associate Artist at Hackney Showroom, and a 2017 Fierce Festival artist. 

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